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Boho Chic Clothing

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· Bohemian Style is very much in fashion these days. The Bohemian Handbags makes you feel look cool and trendy.Bohemian HandbagFabric Handbag

· These Boho Bags are all handmade in India. Some of them are made from Vintage Fabric. Since these are Handmade it is very difficult to find an exact same piece making you one of the owners of this unique Bag.

· These are made of Fabric. Usually the Fabric used is Cotton or Cotton blend. You can find them in attractive colors with vivid embroidery work or patchwork embedded with Mirrors or sequins.

· These are mostly big enough in Size to fit in all your important stuff in style. You will never have to leave any of your purse essential accessories because of space problem.dsc04388

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Indian Tunics known as kurtis in India are very much in fashion these days. Indian Tunics are perfect piece of dressing as it gives a nice feminine look to any women. Asrai Style makes it possible for every woman to try on these Indian Tunics by offering them at huge Discounted Prices.

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Today in Fashion world Bohemian style of dressing is gaining much of importance. What was considered hippie or tribal yesterday has become a fashion today. Bohemian Handbags, Embroidered Tunics, Tribal Jewelry are the coolest and the trendiest way of dressing.

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Uses of Pashmina

  • Pashmina can be used as a scarf just wrap it around your neck.
  • Pashmina can be wrapped around your shoulders like a Shawl.
  • You can even cover your head with Pashmina in extreme cold weather.
  • Pashmina can be used as a cover up after a swim.
  • Pashmina beside from being used as a Fashion accessory for women can also be used as a Home Decor Accessory. Simply lay a Pashmina on your entertainment table.

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